Buffalo Bills News: The 2019 schedule and record predictions

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The Buffalo Bills 2019 schedule was released Wednesday night and fans are already predicting what record the Bills will finish with this season.

The Buffalo Bills aren’t playing in primetime in 2019. At least not with the way the schedule sits right now.

The 2019 schedule dropped last night and the Bills were the only NFL team without a scheduled primetime game. That isn’t awful for those who prefer spending Sunday afternoons watching football. The night games do tend to make work painful the next day.

What the Bills do have is a game in Dallas on Thanksgiving. That is arguably better than a Sunday or Monday night game. The team will be playing right around dinner time and have a chance to make a statement in front of the nation. Taking down the Cowboys on Thanksgiving should be enough to keep the family gatherings fun. A loss means some tables will be broken.

The schedule release also means the record predictions begin to flow. I am guilty of this as mine will be coming out later today. It is too fun not to do.

I have seen national predictions as low as 5-11 and Bills fans who are projecting up to 12 wins. There is nothing better than the April optimism.

The schedule-related fun will continue until the season actually begins and the NFL Draft will serve as a nice distraction from the schedule game.

We look at this and more in a fun, lighthearted edition of The Morning Charge.

Buffalo Bills News:

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