Buffalo Bills in familiar spot in ESPN’s April power rankings

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The Buffalo Bills remain in a familiar spot in ESPN’s power rankings looking at all the NFL teams after the initial surge of free agency.

There are Buffalo Bills fans who are ecstatic with the offseason up to this point, while others may be more “meh” or even disappointed.

Personally, I am pleased but not blown away. I assume there are others like me in this way of thinking.

Alas, ESPN.com put out its post-free agency power rankings and the Bills are down at No. 24 overall. Not too much of a shock considering the 6-10 season in 2018 and the fact the Bills didn’t make a major move in March. The team is still in the “prove it” stage when it comes to power rankings.

From the rankings:

"Three-words-or-less description: Help Josh Allen. The Bills were encouraged with how Allen finished last season, scoring five touchdowns (three passing and two rushing) in a victory over the Dolphins. However, Allen’s overall rookie season can’t be repeated in 2019 if Buffalo wants to get to the playoffs."

The Bills got off to a nice start by adding several new offensive linemen, including a center in Mitch Morse who Josh Allen can hopefully play with for years to come. The team also added upgrades at wide receiver, while the additions at running back and tight end are essentially wild cards. In the case of Frank Gore, the amount he can be used is in question.

The good news about these rankings is that the offseason is not judged entirely on free agency. The Bills have made it clear that building through the NFL Draft is the top strategy in town and the team has plenty of picks to improve the team once again in 2019.

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I like to check in on power rankings to see how national writers and analysts view the Bills. Yet all that matters is what goes on in Buffalo. Bills fans shouldn’t care if the rest of the country is late to the party when things do finally get turned around.