Buffalo Bills drop in NFL.com’s post-free agency power rankings

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(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills continue to be doubted and show up near the bottom of NFL.com’s latest power rankings after the initial surge of free agency.

The Buffalo Bills will always have to earn respect on the field for a national audience to respect the team.

“Winning the offseason” is never going to be a great strategy for rising up the power rankings.

Elliot Harrison of NFL.com put out his post-free agency power rankings a few days ago and the Bills show up down at No. 25 overall. Naturally, there was some snark thrown the team’s way.

"No, I didn’t buy all the AB midnight trade tweets, either. Think of the poor old Bills fan who was watching infomercials for the Elvis comeback edition plate and decided on a whim to hop on the internet in the wee hours. Buffalo instead obtained speedster John Brown, which, after the AB flirtation, might feel a bit like getting excited that “Star Wars” is on AMC, only to realize it’s “Attack of the Clones.” But Josh Allen’s ability to launch the deep ball supersedes Hayden Christensen’s ability to drive a film franchise."

Hey, I like the John Brown signing. No drama!

The darling of these power rankings is the Cleveland Browns, who moved all the way up to No. 9 overall. While the team has made splashes with big signings, that organization is still in the “winning the offseason” realm.

The Bills showing up so low after a 6-10 season is not surprising. Yet the team has made nice additions all over the offense to complement what was a successful defensive unit in 2018. If the team had a better plan at quarterback, and better luck with injuries, the season likely would have gone better than 6-10. Alas, it is in the past now.

These rankings are going to remain similar regardless of what the Bills do in the NFL Draft. All fans can do is hope Brandon Beane’s master plan works out and the new players in town stick around and become major producers in 2019 and beyond.

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With the amount of talent added, it would be hard to imagine a decline in overall production this fall.