Buffalo Bills: Breaking down the Antonio Brown saga on the BLD Podcast

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Antonio Brown was nearly a Buffalo Bill – a move that shocked the entire NFL and Bills fans alike. The guys cover the drama of Thursday night/Friday morning in this emergency episode of the BLD Podcast.

In less than 12 hours on Thursday night/Friday morning, superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown went from a Pittsburgh Steeler to a Buffalo Bill back to a Pittsburgh Steeler.

In the meantime, the hopes and dreams of Bills fans hung in the balance.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport broke the news to fans with this tweet, sending the entire NFL community into a frenzy:

All of the hoopla was for not as Brown nixed the trade early on and Buffalo was left at the altar with nothing but confusion and questions left after the dust settled.

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Many rumors on compensation in the trade and what happened would come out hours later, leaning in the direction that Brown did not want to come to Buffalo for the next chapter of his career.

Our Justin Baumann offers some insight into what really happened in the negotiations, including information on the trade details from earlier in the week.

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Ultimately, the excitement energized Bills fans as they were either all for the move or completely against it. We discuss what happened, what it means, and where do the Bills go from here in our abbreviated BLD Podcast.