Buffalo Bills: A funny question for fans to consider

(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Some members of FanSided are down at the Super Bowl and one video shared by them may have Buffalo Bills fans cringing at the questions being asked.

Super Bowl week is more than just about the games. It is also about the media frenzy that takes place the entire week.

And even though the Buffalo Bills aren’t playing on Sunday, Bills fans can still find some entertainment in the coverage down in Atlanta.

FanSided has a presence down in Atlanta this week that has led to some great interviews being done, but one in particular stands out as hilarious.

Here it is:

FanSided’s Mark Carman is going around to players preparing for the Super Bowl and giving them this impossible “would you rather” scenario. I love the faces on the players who are shocked by the questions.

When it comes down to the choice, I guess you have to go with spooning Bill Belichick. Or maybe you choose to ride off into hiding rather than answer.

Stuff like this is silly and obviously not related to the game at all, but it is fun to see the players open up and be in a media situation that isn’t so tense all the time. They may not enjoy it, but it is great for fans.

I see no harm in the craziness that is Super Bowl week. The entire Super Bowl in general is one big show, considering there is a long halftime performance and commercials that lead non-football fans to watch the game.

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I personally just want to watch the game, but it is what it is. The wild atmosphere leads to funny videos that see NFL players squirming to answer an impossible question.