Buffalo Bills show up in list of 2018’s biggest trades

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills made some notable trades in 2018 and some of those stood out among the most impactful trades in the entire league.

Brandon Beane has been busy making trades since he took over as general manager of the Buffalo Bills.

He has traded future draft picks and former top draft picks in an effort to build the team back into being a contender.

That landed the Bills on Bill Barnwell’s list of the 30 most impactful trades from the past year. The team even shows up in the honorable mentions section for the Tyrod Taylor trade. The impact of that trade faded once Baker Mayfield took over in Cleveland.

Out of the 30 most impactful, the Bills show up three times. The first one on the list was the Cordy Glenn trade, that sent Glenn to the Cincinnati Bengals in return for the No. 12 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Other picks were exchanged as well but that No. 12 pick is the key.

That is because it was used in another trade on the list, as the Bills moved up to No. 7 overall to select Josh Allen as the quarterback of the future. If the Glenn trade was never made in the first place, who knows if the Bills would have gotten one of the top five quarterbacks in the draft.

The third trade on the list was also one involving picks, as the Bills traded up from No. 22 overall to get Tremaine Edmunds. I remember last year’s draft as a busy time when it came to writing articles. I had my computer out at a bar while eating wings and let me say it was not easy.

All three trades helped the Bills add two future leaders to the roster. Both Allen and Edmunds showed great promise and progress in 2018 and the goal is to have them around all the way through 2028. And maybe even beyond.

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I can only imagine that Beane will be active once again as the Bills have plenty of draft capital again in 2019.