Buffalo Bills: An interesting tweet from Adam Schefter

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Buffalo Bills fans have endured some painful postseasons in the past. One particular stretch stands out as one that will never be forgotten.

Every Buffalo Bills fan old enough to remember the four straight Super Bowl losses will never forget that period of time.

Even those who didn’t experience it know the memories are part of the fandom.

That is why this tweet from Adam Schefter on Sunday has made me shake my head the past few days.

Is he trolling everyone?

Naturally, Bills fans jumped in his mentions.

I get where he is coming from. The New Orleans Saints have back-to-back postseason exits on some truly heartbreaking plays. But neither came in the Super Bowl and the team has at least won a Super Bowl in the past.

Bills fans had to spend four straight years seeing their team lose in the Super Bowl. Not only that, but the streak began with a missed field goal. That alone is enough devastation to last a lifetime.

Saints fans do have a reason to be upset with the latest loss. And recency bias tends to lead to some hot takes. But Bills fans hold the claim of witnessing back-to-back-to-back-to-back devastating losses.

No one wanted to see so many Super Bowl losses, but it does make fans stronger in their fandom and it was still cool to see the Bills be a dominant team for so long.

It is much better than what fans have seen since that period of time.

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That is my fake Twitter outrage for the day. No one in Buffalo wants to hear about a dominant team like the Saints complaining about being the most tortured fanbase.