Buffalo Bills: Nothing wrong with LeSean McCoy’s linemen tweet

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(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy sent out what seemed like a reasonable tweet Monday night. He later deleted it after some may have taken it the wrong way.

There was some Internet outrage on Monday night thanks to a tweet from Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

The tweet ended up being deleted, but the team at Buffalo Rumblings snagged a screenshot.

Ready to be outraged?

There is the tweet that had some fans angry. I don’t see a problem with what he said at all.

McCoy just had the worst season of his career and the offensive line was so bad that the position coach got fired. Improving the position stands out as the biggest need this offseason.

All McCoy did was sit at home as a fan and see the giant Alabama offensive linemen playing against Clemson. He likely had the same thought many other players had in that he would like to play with some of those giant linemen. I’m sure a lot of Bills fans thought the same.

But tweets like this also bring the usual fake outrage. This can be taken as McCoy calling out his linemen and saying they are awful. Which he isn’t doing. He is just saying he would like to play with one of the Alabama linemen. Not everything has to be so dramatic.

This is no different than any other athlete tweeting about playing with a top prospect. Would there be such outrage if Josh Allen said he would like to play with a top receiver prospect? Maybe, just because of the way the world is.

If McCoy can’t say he wants to play with great players, then I don’t know where we are at. He just shouldn’t say anything then. And if the Bills linemen are angry about this, they should be better. It is that simple.

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The Bills will likely target one of the top offensive linemen in the draft and it is very possible one of those players comes from Alabama. If that is the case and the Bills land a franchise player on the line, I doubt fans will be complaining about that.