Buffalo Bills: Fines handed out after Week 17 dirty hit

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills fans watched a former member of the team lay a dirty hit on rookie quarterback Josh Allen in last week’s season finale.

I am not quite sure what is wrong with Kiko Alonso.

The former Buffalo Bills second-round draft pick is now a member of the Miami Dolphins and was on the field last Sunday in the 2018 season finale.

The announcers during the game mentioned Alonso told them he is fine with hitting a sliding quarterback and being fined.

That is exactly what he did when he went toward a sliding Josh Allen, ultimately kicking him in the helmet in the process. A scuffle ensued and ejections were handed out on both sides of the ball.

This weekend brought news of the fines handed out after the dirty play.

So even though Alonso was the one who started the problem, Jordan Mills ended up getting fined more. That makes sense.

Alonso’s Buffalo legacy should be the fact he was traded for LeSean McCoy. Instead, he has gained a reputation as a dirty player and seems to find joy in making dangerous plays in an already dangerous sport.

It is crazy the difference a few years make. Alonso came to Buffalo and was a star rookie, winning awards for his play in 2013. Now this is what he is known for. Not exactly a fan favorite by any sense, although I bet there are still plenty of Bills Alonso jerseys scattered throughout the city.

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The positive from all of this is that Josh Allen has established himself as a running threat and is in the head of opposing defenders. Now he just needs to build up his passing attack so his runs come as more of a surprise and lead to big gains every time.