Buffalo Bills: A relief to avoid the drama of Black Monday in 2018

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Several NFL head coaches will be fired either on Sunday or Monday. It is a relief that the Buffalo Bills don’t have to deal with this right now.

There are plenty of NFL head coaches on the hot seat right now.

Even within the AFC East, both Todd Bowles and Adam Gase could be unemployed once Black Monday hits in just a few days.

Luckily, the Buffalo Bills don’t have to worry about this.

Black Monday falls on New Year’s Eve this year, which will surely ruin the holiday for several coaches who are currently employed by NFL teams. Meanwhile, Sean McDermott can start worrying about the 2019 season .

McDermott took the Bills to the playoffs in his first year as head coach. Things obviously got worse this year, but that was to be expected. Brandon Beane had to navigate a tricky cap situation and will have more flexibility starting next year.

That should mean some more talent is brought in, and that is in addition to another top draft pick.

I frequently see people on social media demanding the Bills to fire McDermott. That is just silly.

Bills fans were told a process was in place and McDermott is a big part of that. 2018 has been a season focused on development. And maybe if Josh Allen was healthy all year, things would be different. That reality was out of McDermott’s hands.

McDermott didn’t pull a Hue Jackson and put up historically bad numbers like the Cleveland coach did in two years. Even he got to start a third year.

More pressure for McDermott will begin to build next year if the team has a bad start. But still, I don’t see his job being in real jeopardy unless he makes some wild decision to derail the team or he goes 0-16 or 1-15. So it would take something drastic.

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So while other teams start from behind by not having a coach on January 1, the Bills will have the advantage of getting to work right away. Fans should be happy about that instead of demanding more change in the early stages of a rebuilding process.