Buffalo Bills taking part in the city’s November winning streak

(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Sports fans in Buffalo are having a great time thanks to a collective winning streak by the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills.

We here on the site have been thrilled to watch back-to-back Buffalo Bills victories. But that is only the start of the excitement in Buffalo.

The Sabres are currently on a 10-game winning streak to go along with the mini streak started by the Bills.

Today is November 28, in case you have lost track of time. The last time the Bills lost a game was on November 4. Interestingly enough, the Sabres also lost that day. Since then, Buffalo has not had to go to bed upset about a loss.

The Bills’ streak started on November 11 with a big win over the New York Jets. Then came the bye, followed by last Sunday’s win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Sabres got their streak going on November 8 with an overtime victory against Montreal. That marked the first of seven victories during the streak that have come in overtime or a shootout. Talk about high drama.

The Bills got the excitement going last year with a playoff appearance, but the Sabres were still focusing on hope for the future. Now it has flipped and the Sabres are at the top of the NHL while the Bills have started rolling here as of late.

The Sabres have two more games before the Bills play again, so it is possible that both teams can enter December without having lost since November 4.

It doesn’t appear that the Bills are headed to the playoffs this year, but there is still a mathematical chance. But the team is still playing well and the end of the NFL season will give way to focusing on the Sabres as they try to make a return to the postseason.

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It is a fun time to be a Buffalo sports fan and the future is bright for both teams in town.