Buffalo Bills: Matt Barkley could potentially suit up as the Week 10 starter

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(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Injuries at the quarterback position may force the Buffalo Bills to have yet another new player line up under center this season.

It is clear that the Buffalo Bills don’t have much faith in Nathan Peterman as the starting quarterback. Yet he still gets playing time, so try and figure that out.

Peterman got the start last week in a blowout loss and it was made clear this week that he would not exactly be first in line.

Josh Allen was the first option if he was healthy, followed by Derek Anderson.

So that takes Anderson out of the running, and rightfully so. There is zero need to throw him out on the field after a concussion when he was brought here to teach Allen. He does not need to be the sacrificial lamb at this point in his career.

As for Allen:

So that is rather vague.

Let’s assume for a second that Allen isn’t able to go. That would make the decision come down to Peterman or Matt Barkley. The same Barkley who has been in Buffalo for barely any time at all.

It appears as if some coaches have at least had the conversation with Barkley according to this tweet:

As of right now we can eliminate Anderson from the conversation. And I’ll go ahead and eliminate Peterman because clearly he is below the final option on the list. The fact he remains on the roster confuses me based on how historically bad he has been.

McDermott is clearly pulling for Allen, but there is no need to rush him back either. The team is 2-7 and if he needs more time to get healthy in what is a lost season, he should be given that time.

Unfortunately, starting Barkley would likely mean another rough game for fans. The only way it would be exciting is if Brian Daboll just let Barkley throw it deep all game and the Bills receivers had their best game of the year. One can still dream.

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It is Friday and the Bills don’t know who is starting at quarterback on Sunday. I would say that is a disaster but it is just the way the season has gone. Fans just want someone out there on Sunday who looks competent.