Buffalo Bills: Where the team stands at the halfway point in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills have had an eventful season so far and it is only the halfway point of the year. Here is where the team stands in national power rankings.

2-6 is not a record the Buffalo Bills expected to have after reaching the postseason a year ago.

Even if the roster didn’t seem as strong, fans also had some solid expectations. It is only natural after reaching the playoffs.

But injuries and a lack of execution, mostly on offense, has led to a slow start that has seen three quarterbacks start games through eight weeks.

We have been tracking the national power rankings throughout the year and the Bills have generally remained in the bottom third, even after a surprising win over the Minnesota Vikings on the road as huge underdogs.

ESPN.com currently has the Bills down at No. 28 overall, which is actually one spot better than where the team was last week. The slight rise is due to other teams struggling more than the Bills showing anything special on the field.

NFL.com has the Bills further down at No. 30 overall, ahead of only the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders. In case you want to see some lowly football, the 49ers and Raiders are squaring off Thursday night. Should be a fun watch.

These low rankings shouldn’t surprise anyone. Only having two wins at this point puts the Bills at the bottom of the NFL standings.

Bills fans have essentially seen two different teams this season. The team that marched into Minnesota looked like the same magical group that made it to the postseason a year ago. The team that showed up Monday night looked like a team fighting hard, but just lacking the talent to pick up a big win.

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There is still half a season to play and that means the Bills can turn things around and give fans a reason to watch throughout the final eight weeks. Let’s hope that can start this Sunday against a tough Chicago Bears team.