Buffalo Bills: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Nate Odomes, Buffalo Bills
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1987-93. Nate Odomes. 26. player. 16. . Cornerback

The first of only two cornerbacks you’ll read about on this list, Nate Odomes isn’t the most recognizable of names among your everyday NFL fan. You better believe that Bills fans know the name, and know it very well.

One of the defensive stars of Buffalo’s historic four-year run on Super Bowl appearances, Odomes was a tremendous talent at cornerback. Although his career would eventually be derailed by injuries following a short stint with the Seattle Seahawks, Odomes absolutely earned his keep during his days in Buffalo.

The Bills counted on him as the playmaker in the secondary during their seasons of immense success. In fact, in 1993, Odomes led the league in interceptions with nine, earning his second of two Pro Bowl nods along the way.

It’s also worth noting his role in “The Comeback,” a historic Bills game during which Odomes came up with a clutch interception to set up the game-winning field goal.

Maybe his time with the team was short, and he only had a couple of years of top-notch play. While that may be, Odomes made his mark and belongs on this list simply because of his unheralded efforts in 1992 and 1993.