Buffalo Bills: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Aaron Schobel, Buffalo Bills
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2001-09. Aaron Schobel. 22. player. 16. . Defensive End

Enjoy it while you can, because Aaron Schobel is one of the few more recent names you’ll find on this list. Luckily for the younger Bills fans, it should serve as a good opportunity to learn about your favorite club’s history if you’re still a little unfamiliar with the many decades passed.

For now, though, let’s focus on Schobel, one of Buffalo’s modern outstanding pass rushers. I wouldn’t call him anywhere near as talented as someone like Cornelius Bennett or Bruce Smith, but there’s no denying that he made a dramatic impact for the Bills defense for years.

Despite only playing nine seasons in Upstate New York, Schobel finished his career (spent entirely with Buffalo) as the team’s No. 2 on the all-time sack list. That’s quite the accomplishment, especially when you consider how many terrific pass rushers have worn the club’s colors over the years. Schobel certainly worked hard for those 78 career quarterback takedowns, though.

His efforts only culminated in two Pro Bowl selections, but Schobel did manage four seasons of double-digit sacks, including a career-high 14 in 2006. His ability to hunt quarterbacks and put the Bills in position to win is why he finds himself on this list nearly a decade later.