Buffalo Bills: A notable roster cut in franchise history

Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport
Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport /

The Buffalo Bills will be making roster cuts this weekend, which brings up memories of a notable player in the past who was cut by the team.

Maybe history would have been different if the Buffalo Bills had kept a certain 1982 draft pick.

Roster cuts are set to take place this weekend, meaning many players seen in action in the preseason finale won’t be taking the field in Week 1.

That was true for Gary Anderson back during the 1982 season. The legendary kicker who played until the actual age of retirement was cut by the Bills before that season began. He would go on to play for five teams from 1982-2004.

I bring this up now as Anderson was listed as the franchise’s worst roster cut in an article written by Erik Lambert on NFL Mocks. The entire article is an interesting read as it shows where some successful players began their careers, only to be cut and have success elsewhere.

Perhaps if Anderson was kept on the roster he would have hit a big field goal to win a Super Bowl. Although him being on the team would have led to different scenarios so assuming everything played out the same would disrespect Marty McFly and the concept of changing the past.

However, such cuts bring into focus just how important it is when evaluating talent. A lack of faith in a player could lead to another team getting a bargain. To be fair in this instance, a rookie kicker isn’t always the hottest commodity on a roster.

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The 2018 cuts are coming soon and fans will be hoping Brandon Beane and his staff make the right moves. No one wants a player from this season to end up on a similar list in the future.