Buffalo Bills: The new family-friendly Billy Buffalo

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Buffalo Bills fans witnessed more than just a preseason game on Sunday. They also got to see the new-look Billy Buffalo for the first time.

Billy Buffalo has been a fierce symbol of the Buffalo Bills since the start of the new millennium.

His look struck fear into the souls of opposing players. That was before his makeover.

Billy Buffalo was on the field Sunday looking a bit different. Less fierce and more…jolly?

I have enjoyed spending the past 48 hours seeing all the reactions to the new look. There appears to be some outrage on Twitter, but the Bills could have announced that beer prices went down and someone on social media would still find a way to complain. Just the way of the world now.

Billy went from buff to plump and looks a bit more friendly now. He also doesn’t wear pants anymore. That’s a power move there, Billy.

I love when people express anger toward such a change. It’s a mascot. The team didn’t go out and introduce a chicken wing as the new mascot. It’s still Billy.

I personally would have loved to have been in on the focus groups determining what changes should be made. Did someone suggest he wear no pants?

The only issue I see is that it is a bit unnerving to see Billy’s half-smile. What is he plotting to do?

The last thing fans should be worrying about right now is Billy’s youthful appearance. I’m going to assume that no one will care what he looks like if the team makes it back to the postseason. Well, there is always someone.

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What are your thoughts on the new look?