Buffalo Bills add a receiver with potential in Corey Coleman

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The Buffalo Bills made a trade with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday night for wide receiver Corey Coleman, a former first-round pick.

The Buffalo Bills have reportedly made a trade.

Adam Schefter announced the trade tonight as some Buffalo Bills fans may already be in bed. Not horrible news to wake up to on a Monday morning.

At the time of writing we are still waiting to see what the draft pick will be. I can’t imagine it is too high.

Corey Coleman is an interesting player for Brandon Beane to add to this roster. The former 2016 first-round pick spent his first two seasons in Cleveland, where he only appeared in 19 games over two seasons due to injuries. The main injury causing him to miss time? A broken hand, which he has suffered twice.

A receiver with potentially fragile hands is never a good sign. But when healthy, and in college, Coleman was a solid receiver. With the always interesting group of Browns quarterbacks throwing him the ball he logged 56 receptions for 718 yards and five touchdowns in his two seasons. He was brought in to be the future at receiver for the Browns but that didn’t go according to plan.

In a bit of fun trivia, Coleman was the player taken in the 2016 draft when the Browns traded down twice. The first trade was down from No. 2 overall, where the Eagles selected Carson Wentz.

Coleman could end up as the No. 2 receiver on this team behind Kelvin Benjamin if he can stay healthy. That is the ultimate key with him. Hopefully the hand issue is resolved.

For those who don’t like this trade, I can offer up optimism with the mindset that maybe leaving Cleveland will get Coleman out of the sunken place he was in. When he was healthy, his teams were fighting just to win a single game. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have been giving it his all, but he is only human.

He is only in his third NFL season and could learn a new way to approach gamedays under a new coaching staff and on a team that has playoff experience after last season.

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What do you think about this trade?