Buffalo Bills: ESPN’s bold prediction for the Bills in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills have a quarterback competition in training camp but one player may have won the job the moment he signed.

There are plenty of Buffalo Bills fans out there with bold predictions for the 2018 season. I’ll go ahead and assume that some of those predictions involve a Super Bowl victory for the Bills.

That is all the fun of making so-called bold predictions. They are meant to be fun but yet still possible, even if they aren’t probable.

The NFL writers at ESPN.com went through each NFL team to offer up bold training camp predictions. The one for the Bills wasn’t all that bold, but the outcome may anger some fans who have their hopes pinned to either Josh Allen or Nathan Peterman being the starter to open the season.

The article’s prediction is that AJ McCarron will be the Week 1 starter. To me this seems more realistic than bold.

We have talked here on the site about all three starting candidates. While Peterman shined early and Allen is the future of the franchise, at least on paper, McCarron is the steady veteran. Starting him Week 1 is similar to what the Houston Texans did last year with Tom Savage and what the Chicago Bears did with Mike Glennon. As you can see, that doesn’t mean McCarron winning the job in Week 1 means he is set to start all season.

No one situation is like all the others but it will be hard to keep Allen on the bench if the Bills have a rough start to the season, assuming McCarron wins the job in Week 1. There is just too much promise in the rookie to let him sit on the sidelines if things go south early.

But this is not being said to say McCarron is set up to fail. He believes he has what it takes to be a successful starting NFL quarterback and has shown flashes of success when he has been on the field. Just as he can lose the job early, he can also cement his place as the starter for the Bills with a great start to the season as well.

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First he needs to show some success in a Bills uniform and we will finally get to see him hopefully do just that next Thursday in the preseason opener.