Buffalo Bills: Does Nathan Peterman deserve another chance?

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We ran a Twitter poll to see how Buffalo Bills fans feel about Nathan Peterman and whether he deserves another shot at starting.

The Nathan Peterman fandom is real.

The Buffalo Bills don’t have a definitive starting quarterback as of right now, but there is a large group of fans who want to see Peterman get the chance to be the Week 1 starter.

Peterman will always be known for his legendary debut in 2017. But a lot of fans think he deserves another chance and should not be defined by that one infamous start.

We ran a Twitter poll to see how fans felt:

As you can see above, there are Bills fans out there who want to see Peterman start. This is surprising to me personally because I see the situation differently. AJ McCarron and Josh Allen were both brought in by Brandon Beane. If Peterman ends up starting, it doesn’t bode well for those decisions.

However, if Peterman dominates in camp and earns the job then it is hard to argue with the decision. Though if that is the case, McCarron may want out of Buffalo.

Everyone has an opinion on the starting quarterback competition and the good news is that a fair competition is set to take place. There is really nothing to lose by going with any of the three quarterbacks as not one enters camp as the overwhelming favorite. So whether McDermott goes with Allen, McCarron or Peterman, he can make a decision based on talent and not one based on one player starting because his contract dictates it.

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If you didn’t vote in our poll, what is your take on Peterman? Does he deserve another chance or was his one start enough for you to think he belongs on the sidelines during his remaining time in Buffalo?