Buffalo Bills: A lot to prove on offense in 2018

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There are several Buffalo Bills players with a lot to prove on offense this season. That and more in today’s Morning Charge.

While we remain on Josh Allen contract watch, July is a perfect time to continue the speculation train surrounding the Buffalo Bills.

Our latest installment came in the form of look at some players on offense who have the most to prove, which will be shared here shortly.

One player named in the article is AJ McCarron and he has a lot at stake this season. If he can’t win the job this year, he may never be a starter anywhere. And by that I mean in Week 1. He may still get starts due to injuries or in a garbage game at the end of a season.

McCarron thought he was going to get a big deal this offseason but settled for what is essentially backup money with the Bills. Then the team drafted Josh Allen. Now Nathan Peterman is being hyped up as a potential starter for the team. None of these are good signs for McCarron.

All of this may just be talk as it is still likely McCarron gets the nod as the starter, at least to start the season. If he doesn’t, he may not even be on the roster for long.

We take a look at that and more in today’s edition of The Morning Charge.

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