Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons why Josh Allen will start Week 1

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2. Allen’s toolkit >>> his competition

“He has the best arm I’ve ever seen. He’s 6-5, 225 and I compare him to Cam Newton.” Those words were uttered by NFL Draft guru Matt Miller upon the Bills taking Allen with the seventh overall pick in the draft. If Allen evolves into even a reasonable facsimile of what Newton is, consider most Bills fans to be tickled pink.

Now, I am fully aware that countless other experts have cited Allen’s lack of accuracy and pedestrian collegiate numbers as reasons why he will not reach such lofty levels. Both are valid causes for concern, however, his internal quarterback competitors to start Week 1 aren’t exactly polished. I’ve already spoken of Peterman’s glaring weakness, but newly signed AJ McCarron is just as big of a question mark.

The enigmatic University of Alabama product has shown just enough to garner one’s interest, but lacks the physical abilities to be anything more than Peterman-esque. The veteran was unable to overthrow Andy Dalton over the course of his four seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals, which should speak volumes.

Allen’s tools should be the deciding factor here. He assuredly has the strongest arm of any quarterback in Bills history and is one of their most mobile to boot. He has fully embraced Western New York to an incomparable level. What is just as impressive is his infectious, positive attitude and willingness to absorb information from all the right people.

Case in point, the look on Allen’s face when afforded the opportunity to pick the brain of Bills Fall-of-Fame quarterback Jim Kelly was priceless:

How I see this playing out is the disparity between Allen’s incessant torpedo launchings in training camp alongside McCarron and Peterman’s underhand volleyball serves will start to weigh on coach McDermott’s mind slowly but surely.

Then Allen will proceed to go full Superman mode in one of preseason games and owner Terry Pegula will naturally become smitten. Bills brass will then abruptly congregate and decide to do the right thing – start Allen Week 1.