Buffalo Bills: Passing game chosen as a weak spot in 2018

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The Buffalo Bills have questions all over the offense and the passing game as a whole remains a weak spot heading into the season.

The general consensus is that the Buffalo Bills may struggle on offense in 2018. Whether it be because of the lack of experience at quarterback, wide receiver or along the offensive line, an elite showing on offense would be quite the surprise.

An article on NFL.com, written by Gregg Rosenthal, looked at weak spots for each AFC team and decided to put all the offense’s questions for the Bills into one.

Rosenthal sees the passing game as a whole as the team’s major weak spot in 2018. Here is some of what he had to say:

"The easy answer here is to list quarterback, where AJ McCarron, Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen have combined to make five NFL starts. But it will be unfair to pin all of Buffalo’s expected struggles on the quarterbacks if they aren’t protected and can’t find open receivers. The Bills’ offensive line lost three quality starters and the wideout group ranks among the league’s worst."

All the problems relate to one another. The quarterbacks will struggle if the line is weak, which will in turn affect the receivers. And if the receivers can’t get open, the line won’t be able to hold off the defense forever.

The running game is expected to be what carries this offense in 2018, but a weak passing game will only hurt what can be done by the running backs. It can make the offense too predictable, and that is before we even factor in what a weak line could do to hurt the running game.

Ultimately, most of the blame will end up falling upon the quarterbacks if the offense does indeed struggle, which isn’t a certainty just yet.

The good news is that the Bills have a few months to figure out the best configurations on offense. There are competitions at several positions on offense so hopefully that means the talent will show itself and the team can enter Week 1 with a realistic shot at making the postseason once again.

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I know Bills fans are already expecting that to be the case, and there is no chance of knocking down those expectations.