Buffalo Bills: A final look back at our 2018 post-draft coverage

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As the summer continues on and Buffalo Bills training camp approaches we take a look back at our 2018 post-draft coverage.

Each passing day brings us closer to some actual Buffalo Bills football in 2018 and further away from the 2018 NFL Draft.

As Bills fans prepare for the positional battles to ensue next month, I wanted to take one look back at our post-draft coverage here on BuffaLowDown. This draft could end up being one of the most important ones in franchise history, whether that be for positive or negative reasons, and this coverage could help explain what the future holds.

So here is a look back at some of our top post-draft coverage to check out one final time before the summer continues on.

Rounding up the 2018 NFL Draft grades

This article looks at our Bills draft grades for all three days of the 2018 NFL Draft. It was a hectic three days filled with trades and surprises throughout.

Grading a draft right away is difficult but our Justin Baumann did a great job looking at each pick objectively and assigning a grade.

5 players the Bills missed out on at the NFL Draft

The five players included in this article could be names to watch in 2018 and beyond. These are players the Bills could have taken in the draft, and inevitably are names fans will keep in mind if they succeed while the Bills’ picks struggle.

The quarterback position will be the one under the microscope for years, as players like Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson can make Bills fans wonder about what could have been.

Bills add a top defender in FanSided’s very early 2019 mock draft

Who doesn’t love 24/7/365 mock drafts? We took a look at FanSided first 2019 mock draft, which is the first of many to come throughout the next year. This is for those fans who may love the draft more than the games on the field.

Robert Foster could be a diamond in the rough

And for the Alabama faithful, we take a look at an undrafted free agent who can make a name for himself in Buffalo this year. With the wide receiver position being so thin, Robert Foster could become a big name in Buffalo.

Next: Robert Foster could be a diamond in the rough

Our post-draft coverage will certainly continue as time goes on and we actually get some on-field film of the 2018 draft class, so be sure to check back with us often for the latest updates and opinions about the draft class.