Buffalo Bills: Reacting to the Terrell Owens news as a Bills fan

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(Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images) /

Terrell Owens has decided not to attend his own Hall of Fame induction ceremony, allowing Buffalo Bills fans to remember his brief time with the team.

Whether it be on or off the field, Terrell Owens always had a knack for making headlines.

That continues as he has decided not to attend his own Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Canton this summer. This had led to national coverage of the event, including by sources specifically covering the Buffalo Bills.

I found that interesting because of all the stops Owens had during his career, fans outside of Buffalo may have a hard time remembering the Bills as one of the teams he played for.

Owens spent the 2009 season with the Bills and finished the year with 55 receptions for 829 yards and five touchdowns. The team finished a disappointing 6-10. But at least there was this gem:

That play was a career-long for Owens. Maybe it could go on his Hall of Fame plaque.

Specifically as a Bills fan, it is hard to have any major negative memories of Owens. He spent one season in Buffalo at the end of his career and gave fans a star player to watch during a rough season.

A lot of writers, and people who take things very seriously, are upset with Owens for declining to attend his ceremony, but I don’t see the problem. He felt he was snubbed for years due to his attitude and wants to celebrate his way.

I think this type of attitude fits in well with the ways of Bills Mafia. He was disrespected and is not going to magically pretend like he wasn’t. Maybe Owens would have been a great fit in Buffalo throughout his entire career.

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Owens is a legendary receiver and Bills fans got to see him play a full season in the hometown uniform. With all the negativity being directed his way, I find it hard to believe that a lot of Bills fans have anything bad to say about Owens. I mean, he got a key to the city before even stepping on the field. That’s some real Buffalo hospitality.