Buffalo Bills: A dismal 2018 record prediction for the Bills

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One writer at The MMQB went through his record predictions for all 32 NFL teams. His prediction for the Buffalo Bills is alarming.

Those who visit the site often know that we have been looking at a lot of offseason rankings and record predictions. Now that the Buffalo Bills have stability throughout the organization, there is not much drama to report this offseason.

A lot of these rankings and predictions haven’t been too favorable to the Bills, but one recent record prediction is the worst of the worst.

Jonathan Jones of The MMQB went through his record predictions for all 32 NFL teams and has the Bills going 2-14 in 2018. Wait, what?

That’s right, Jones has the team set up to be at the top of the draft in 2019 after making the playoffs a season ago. From the article:

"The Bills lost Eric Wood to retirement, Richie Incognito to… something and traded away Cordy Glenn, so good luck running the ball. A stacked box means the quarterback will look to take chances down the field, and that’s a problem with first-rounder Josh Allen. He was the least-accurate and most turnover-prone top quarterback in the draft. It all spells a big step back for the surprise playoff team from 2017."

So as you can see, Jones is fully in the camp of Josh Allen both playing and struggling mightily in 2018.

This prediction seems a bit harsh to me. The Bills haven’t lost 10 games since 2013, and haven’t gone 2-14 since 1984. Such a season could cause fans to lose faith in “The Process” after hopes were high following a playoff appearance.

While this may be part of a plan to rebuild the Bills, this would be a major disappointment. But as I have said all offseason, predictions will continue to be unfavorable until we actually see Josh Allen and AJ McCarron play some meaningful football. Until then, the majority of national opinions will look down upon the team’s chances in 2018.

But 2-14? That’s a bit much to handle right now.

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What are your thoughts on this dismal prediction? I know it may be enough to make some Bills fans reach out to Jones on Twitter to make sure he wasn’t joking. He welcomes the feedback in his article.