Buffalo Bills News: Hindsight and the 2018 NFL Draft

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The Buffalo Bills seemingly did well in the 2018 NFL Draft, but we won’t really know how the class pans out for at least a few years.

I always find it fascinating when analysts and fans hand out draft grades immediately after the NFL Draft concludes. Or better yet, right after a pick is made.

I understand this is part of the process, and we even did some of that here for the picks made by the Buffalo Bills. But any honest person will tell you that these grades are mostly guesses.

Yesterday we published an article here at BuffaLowDown, which will be shared later on in this post, that looked at five players the Bills will regret not drafting. Once again, these predictions are nothing more than guesses. Personal opinion is a major factor.

For example, those who hate Josh Allen may look like fools if he becomes the next Carson Wentz. The same goes for those who were raving about Sam Darnold if he flops in New York.

We need at least two or three years from a draft class before the hindsight can begin to gain some legitimacy. That is why we are right about at that point where Shaq Lawson‘s play will be in the spotlight.

Questioning decisions instantly is all part of being a fan of not only the Bills, but of any professional sports team. Without it, being a fan would be filled with too much logic and that’s no fun.

Let’s now take a look at the latest news and notes surrounding the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills News and Notes:

5 players the Bills missed out on at the NFL Draft (BuffaLowDown, Stephen McCarthy)

This piece was the one mentioned above. Our own Stephen McCarthy looked at five players the Bills may have whiffed on in the 2018 NFL Draft. Once again, this is a fun take so let’s not go wild with screams of patience.

All part of being a fan.

Richie Incognito sends out first message since gym incident (BuffaLowDown, Steven Kubitza)

Finally, some good news to share about Richie Incognito. The former Bills offensive lineman is back on Twitter saying normal things and appears to be ready to make a return to the NFL.

He is not coming back to Buffalo, but it is great to see he has seemingly figured things out.

Richie Incognito back home, training in hopes of playing in 2018 (Pro Football Talk, Josh Alper)

Another take on the Incognito news. Alper also shares an interesting point made by Incognito that may have some Bills fans shaking their heads.

AJ McCarron has the most to prove in minicamp (BuffaLowDown, Steven Kubitza)

I took a look at a Bleacher Report article that said AJ McCarron is the Bill with the most to prove in 2018. I’d argue that Josh Allen is right up there with him, and expanded upon that in the post.

What NFL executives said about the Buffalo Bills’ offseason (NYup.com, Ryan Talbot)

To continue on with the theme of instant reaction and grades, this article breaks down what some NFL executives had to say the Bills’ offseason moves. It’s only June!

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