Buffalo Bills: Polling fans in June about the final record in 2018

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Feelings surrounding the Buffalo Bills vary from fan to fan so I decided to ask fans how they think the Bills will finish in 2018.

We are still over three months away from a meaningful Buffalo Bills game in 2018. That doesn’t mean fans aren’t already prepared with record predictions for the season.

I decided to pose the question on Twitter last night, late on a Saturday, asking fans how they think the team will finish in 2018 and whether or not the Bills will make the playoffs. Asking a question on a lovely Saturday night is always a great way to get honest answers from fans.

So let’s start with the extremely optimistic:

The Bills haven’t won more than nine games since the 1999 season but it has to happen again soon. Right?

I see no problem coming into every season with immense optimism. Some may say this is setting up fans for disappointment, but I see it as much better than predicting a 4-12 season and being indifferent all year.

Now to the more conservative responses:

Now there are the classic Bills records fans are used to. I’d categorize these as the realistic, yet still conservative predictions. The team is still coming off a postseason appearance and while there are questions on offense, the defense should only get better in 2018.

These predictions help to keep fans’ expectations in check, for those who like it that way.

And finally, there were some fun non-answers:


Including one from our friend, Pancho Billa:

Pancho asked the question that will continue to dominate the conversations of Bills fans until a Week 1 starter is officially named. Anyone else’s guess is as good as mine, and the position will likely see some changes throughout the season unless one of the contenders dominates from the outset.

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So if you didn’t respond on Twitter, what is your record prediction for the 2018 season? And will the Bills return to the postseason?