Buffalo Bills: The biggest mistake in the 2018 offseason

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A recent article looked at the biggest mistake for all 32 NFL teams so far this offseason and the one for the Buffalo Bills should surprise no one.

If you are a consistent reader here at BuffaLowDown, then you know how much we have been talking about the Buffalo Bills receiving corps as of late.

Well, there’s more.

Zach Kruse of Bleacher Report recently published an article detailing one major offseason mistake for each NFL team. For the Bills, he decided to go with the fact the team didn’t improve at receiver.

From the article:

"The Bills passed on opportunities to sign one of the top free agents or draft one of the many middle-round options. That could come back to bite Buffalo’s offense, regardless of who is playing quarterback. Veteran AJ McCarron and rookie Josh Allen likely will struggle to consistently make plays in the passing game while attempting to get the ball to Buffalo’s group of middling receivers."

I have said before that I agree this group doesn’t stand out as all that talented, on paper. It is too early to declare doom and say the group has no talent because there are still unknowns.

Zay Jones returns in 2018 with his rookie season under his belt and a whole new perspective on being a NFL player. Then there is Kelvin Benjamin, who will actually get a whole season in Buffalo after arriving during the 2017 season.

But right now all fans and analysts have to go off is a depth chart that doesn’t’ feature a lot of proven talent. And ultimately, every player’s success will be directly tied to the quarterback play. It is a two-way street so while Kruse pointed out it may be tough for the quarterbacks in 2018, that can also be true for the receivers if McCarron or Allen can’t get them the ball.

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There is still time to sign a free agent if Brandon Beane wants to do so and there is always the chance to pick up a solid player who ends up being cut at the end of training camp. Things may look bleak, but the season is still months away and it’s not like the Bills lost a lot of talent at the receiver position from the group that made the playoffs last season.