Buffalo Bills: LeSean McCoy ranked No. 7 overall starting running back

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills have questions all over the field but not at the running back position, where LeSean McCoy remains an elite talent.

LeSean McCoy is nearing his 30th birthday, but still remains a star for the Buffalo Bills.

He started every game in 2017, racking up 1,138 rushing yards and six touchdowns. All at an age when pundits like to say running backs should be declining. Don’t tell that to Shady, though.

McCoy showed up at No. 7 overall in a recent NFL Spin Zone article, written by Randy Gurzi, ranking all 32 starting running backs in the NFL.

Here is some of what Gurzi had to say:

"With the Bills shipping quarterback Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland, there’s some concern now as defenses may be able to zero in on Shady to slow down the offense. Should new quarterback A.J. McCarron — assuming he holds off rookie Joshg Allen that is — be able to take advantage of the safeties cheating towards the line of scrimmage, McCoy could easily become a big rusher again in 2018. They surely will try and lean on him."

McCoy has been as advertised during his three seasons with the Bills and there is no reason to expect anything different in 2018.

The one problem, as Gurzi states, is the fact some bad quarterback play could allow defenses to really zone in on McCoy. However, it would take some truly atrocious play from both AJ McCarron and Josh Allen to stop McCoy from being productive. There is also the issue of there being questions along the offensive line, which may potentially do more damage to McCoy’s numbers than the quarterback play.

It is interesting to go through these rankings and see the veteran McCoy ranking high alongside younger running backs like Kareem Hunt and Alvin Kamara. The veteran continues to defy the odds and be productive, which shows how well he takes care of himself. There is also some luck in there as well.

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McCoy has rushed for a combined 3,300 yards in his three years with Buffalo and another season of at least 1,000 yards seems like an easy task for the veteran back. If he doesn’t reach that mark, Bills fans may be in for a rough season.