Buffalo Bills: An interesting bit of news from a former rival player

(Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images) /

A former New England Patriots player made some remarks that may have some Buffalo Bills fans agreeing with him and his views.

There are few things Buffalo Bills fans despise more than the New England Patriots. That makes some comments from a former Patriot rather humorous to Bills fans.

On this slow NFL news day and holiday, Cassius Marsh made some headlines. The former Patriot and current San Francisco 49er came out and said just how much he hated playing for the evil empire in New England.

Here is just a sample of what Marsh said, courtesy of NFL.com:

"“They don’t have fun there. There’s nothing fun about it. There’s nothing happy about it. I didn’t enjoy any of my time there, you know what I’m saying?” Marsh told the San Francisco Chronicle’s Eric Branch. “It made me for the first time in my life think about not playing football because I hated it that much.”"

This sentiment is not something new, but it is still funny to hear. Patriots fans will claim “scoreboard” if any Bills fans make a comment, so this one is for the people in Buffalo.

The Patriots will be in Buffalo on a Monday night in October, so perhaps fans can bring some creative signs to be shown on national television. Or everyone can act super serious so Bill Belichick doesn’t get angry with all the fun and laughter around him.

This serious style of running an organization results in success, but I would think Bills players are enjoying themselves playing for the fans in Buffalo. And now that Tom Brady is getting older, the style may not be as well accepted if the Bills begin to turn the tides and dominate the Patriots for years to come.

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These comments didn’t come from a star player and don’t change the dynamic of the rivalry. However, Bills fans will surely find a creative way to have fun with what Marsh had to say.