Buffalo Bills: Nathan Peterman selected as a player to root for

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An article on NFL.com goes through each NFL team and selects one player to root for, and the choice for the Buffalo Bills may surprise some fans.

The Buffalo Bills have a quarterback competition brewing in 2018. While there are three quarterbacks technically in the race, Nathan Peterman appears to be the odd man out.

Peterman famously, or perhaps infamously, had one of the worst starts in NFL history last season. This is known. But he remains on the team, showing how Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott may still have some hope that he can be a valuable player for the Bills.

From casual Twitter research, I have found that there are still Peterman loyalists out there who think he deserves another chance. I agree that he shouldn’t be judged on one bad half of football, but it doesn’t look like the team has major plans for him as the starter after drafting Josh Allen.

Regardless, Peterman is here and will be competing to show he is more than just a bad decision made by McDermott.

His name showed up in a NFL.com article written by Adam Rank, which goes through all 32 teams and selects a player he will be rooting for on every team. Peterman was his choice from the Bills and here’s why:

"Hey, he never asked to be involved in the drama between Tyrod Taylor and the Bills. Peterman was pushed into a position he never should have been in. It was like putting a toddler in the driver’s seat of an RV. It might make for a cute photo, but that RV is going to crash. The Bills’ RV did. I just don’t want Peterman’s only NFL experience to be his 87-interception performance against the Chargers. His grandkids are going to Google that one day."

I see Rank’s reasoning here. It is hard to watch someone finally reach the stage of being a NFL starting quarterback, only to nearly derail his team’s playoff hopes in what was a hideous performance.

He is easy for people outside Buffalo to root for, but I know most Bills fans would rather see success from Josh Allen over Peterman.

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My one player to root for on the team would be Allen due to all the negativity surrounding him during the draft process. It would be great for him to show up and dominate, the same way Carson Wentz did upon his arrival to the NFL.