Buffalo Bills quarterbacks ranked last in NFL in ESPN rankings

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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills decided to start over at the quarterback position in 2018 and the current group isn’t considered too great in a recent ESPN article.

The Buffalo Bills finally found a stable option at quarterback and decided to trade him to Cleveland.

To be fair, Tyrod Taylor was not the long-term guy to build around. And that seems to be what Brandon Beane thought, as trading Taylor and drafting Josh Allen was a clear change of direction with the hopes of landing the next Jim Kelly.

The quarterback room currently consists of Allen, AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman. There is not a lot of starting experience, leaving Bills fans in a familiar spot of hoping for the best.

Dan Graziano of ESPN.com recently published a piece ranking each team’s QB depth chart from 1-32. To scare Bills fans before the season can even begin, the team can in dead last in Graziano’s rankings.

From the article:

"Someone has to be last. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with the way Buffalo addressed the QB position this offseason. AJ McCarron deserves a shot, and maybe he’ll take advantage of this opportunity and establish himself as an NFL starter while No. 7 overall pick Josh Allen gets ready as a backup. Maybe Nathan Peterman shows enough in camp to get a shot ahead of McCarron. There are some maybes here that can help Bills fans build a case for optimism. But confidence? Hard to make any kind of confident bets on any of these guys right now. Even if it’s legal now."

I have to agree with this take. It is fair to have some hope, but this group doesn’t exactly standout as anything great. At least right now.

All three guys are unproven, and McCarron is benefitting from the fact he has barely played in the NFL. He has looked good in limited action, but remains unproven as a starter.

I am scared when thinking about Peterman overtaking McCarron and Allen for the starting job as Graziano mentions. A season where that happens could have fans wondering about Beane’s offseason choices.

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But it is unfair to declare doom for this group in May. The fact all three guys are unproven as starters means any one of the three could end up being great. Well, at least McCarron or Allen. Peterman may have done enough damage to his chances in one half of football.