Buffalo Bills: Time to analyze every pass Josh Allen throws in shorts

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills had the rookies on the field for some workouts Friday and that means it is time for some fans to view Josh Allen under a microscope.

If you thought the silliness surrounding the analysis of rookie quarterbacks ended with the conclusion of the NFL Draft, think again.

The Buffalo Bills held rookie minicamp today which meant Josh Allen was on the field throwing passes for all to see. And a practice open to the media meant it was time for the overanalysis to continue.

Sound the alarms!

To be clear, I’m not calling out Skurski. He is far from the only reporter who will be talking about such things, and this analysis is what a lot of people want to know. Specifically, people who still need confirmation that they can still hate the Allen pick.

But it is way too early to get worked up about Allen missing throws. The same way it is too early for Jets fans to get worried about Sam Darnold fumbling some snaps. It’s only May. Let’s at least reach training camp before getting worried about any rookies.

This focus on every single throw made by Allen, without any shoulder pads on, is going to continue throughout the summer. What fans need to remember is that he may end up sitting the entire season, and that is just fine.

AJ McCarron should be able to win the job out of camp, and letting a rookie sit and learn the ways of the NFL is not the worst strategy out there. It’s better than rushing him in before he is ready. If the goal is to actually develop and invest in a franchise quarterback, the team must be patient when it comes to Allen.

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Silly season never seems to end when it comes to the NFL.