Buffalo Bills ranked No. 20 in latest NFL.com power rankings

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(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills took some risks in the 2018 NFL Draft and remain with some question marks in the latest edition of NFL.com’s power rankings.

Time to get Buffalo Bills fans riled up with some offseason power rankings.

The Bills come in at No. 20 overall in NFL.com’s post-draft rankings, one spot lower than where the team appeared following the initial free agent frenzy.

As I say with most of these offseason rankings, this isn’t something that should get people too worked up. But I know Bills Mafia, and a No. 20 ranking may not sit well with some. Time to prove the world wrong! Or at least those who rank the teams.

Here is an excerpt from the rankings:

"The Bills’ slow lurch downward since the loss to the Jaguars in the Wild Card Round is not indicative of panic-worthy events. Rather, it’s a reflection of how strong the team is right now. So, Bills Mafia, if you loved the Josh Allen choice, don’t get angry. Because that pick doesn’t do much to help the team in Week 1 of the 2018 season. He has an uphill curve ahead of him, although there are plenty of people who enjoy exaggerating that curve. Allen should be accelerating it."

The reason the Bills didn’t shoot up or down in the rankings is partially due to the questions surrounding Josh Allen. If he turns out to be great, this draft will go down as one of the best in team history after Brandon Beane decided to trade up to get Buffalo’s savior. If he is terrible, players like Tremaine Edmunds and Harrison Phillips will have to make Beane look smart. If he still has a job in this hypothetical scenario.

The Bills are going to remain at this spot, or near it, in power rankings up until they start to win actual regular season games. The team is fresh off a playoff berth but continue to be looked at as an average team in 2018.

Getting rid of your starting quarterback will do that.

The national media wasn’t expecting the Bills to make a postseason run a year ago so this national view of the team is nothing new. The Bills have to continue to prove themselves, and if they do the power rankings will reflect that.

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Some competent play at the quarterback position is the easiest way to move up the rankings. But if the team has another dud at the position, power rankings will be the last thing on fans’ minds.