Buffalo Bills: An interview with “Pancho Billa” after his draft experience

Buffalo Bills, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Buffalo Bills, 2023 NFL Draft (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

We caught up with Buffalo Bills superfan “Pancho Billa” once again after he attended the 2018 NFL Draft and represented Bills Mafia well.

Buffalo Bills fans around the world witnessed an amazing moment during the 2018 NFL Draft.

Members of Bills Mafia on Twitter know all about the story of “Pancho Billa” and his current fight with cancer. But that fight doesn’t stop him from giving all he has to cheer on his Bills.

He was invited to the draft to represent his favorite team, and things became magical when he was invited on stage to read one of the team’s picks.

It was a moment he will certainly never forget, so we caught up with him to get his take on the whole experience.

1. What did you feel when you arrived at the draft?

PB: The fan excitement was beyond amazing at the draft. I met so many fans that traveled from all over the nation to root on their team’s draft pick. The atmosphere was buzzing of excitement and anticipation. The NFL really stepped up with providing the Fan Experience outside the stadium. All the kids attending surely had a blast.

When I entered the stadium to the Inner Circle, my heart just dropped with emotion on how well and huge the set up was. Then come to find out, our Bills Section was front and center left of the stage. We couldn’t have asked for a better set up on the field. I felt the excitement get even stronger. It was unbillievable to be there.

2. What did it mean to you to be a visible representative for Bills Mafia in Dallas?

PB: I couldn’t have been more proud to represent Bills Mafia, especially with 49 lucky members of the DFW Bills Backers, whom I consider family. I wish all the Backers members and Bills Mafia could have been there.

There are plenty of other Bills fans whom are so worthy to have been in my shoes. Me residing in Dallas, and the draft being in Dallas, surely played a minor role in it. I hope our group of 50 represented with passion and pure fandemonium. I graded our draft representation an A+.

3. Did you ever imagine that you would get called on stage to read a pick? If not, what was going through your head when they invited you on stage?

PB: Never! When the Red Pinto Tailgate released a video back in January and Bills Mafia picked up the movement #PanchosPick, I really thought there was no chance. Within two hours, I gave it full hope! It went viral and the movement began.

The day of, after the Bills traded several picks to trade up on day one, I almost gave up hope. I gave myself a 5 percent chance. Rumor at the Inner Circle was, “It’s not going to happen, at this point, let’s hope we don’t trade our only pick today”, said our Bills Rep that day. I thought to myself, I’m here to represent the Bills regardless if it happens or not. Again, the fact I’m at the draft, front row, I couldn’t have been happier.

When Reed and Jackson came out to the stage, I did my job and cheered. Soon as they started talking about me and invited me to the stage, I couldn’t hold back emotion and just let the emotion flow. I had no fear of my emotion being shown. I can’t even tell you the truth if I walked, floated or got carried to the stage. It all happened so fast. As I read the card, for a brief moment I thought, please don’t be a Samoan name. I was on cloud 10.

4. Did you meet any NFL players or prospects at the draft?

PB: I was so focused on getting into my seat, I overlooked the signing sessions. The ones I met were Andre Reed, Fred Jackson, Michael Irvin, Rich Eisen and the NFL Commissioner, Mr. Goodell. All inside the stadium. I am happy to say I was the first Bills Mafia member to fist pump Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. They walked straight to our section after taking the stage and I had the first seat in the row. Fist pump city.

5. What was your reaction to the Bills drafting Josh Allen?

PB: I can’t wait for training camp. Three-way competition for the starting job. That’s going to be fun. I wasn’t surprised, nor would have I been if we drafted any of the other QBs, I just didn’t want Mayfield. I personally think he should sit a year. Get that extra pro level help he needs to become our franchise guy.

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As always, very excited to welcome any new player to the roster. It’s our duty as Buffalo Bills fans to support whomever is on the field come Sunday.