Buffalo Bills: Way too early to hate any of the 2018 draft picks

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Buffalo Bills fans had some strong opinions on just about every pick the team made in the draft, but it is still too early to judge these rookies.

There were a lot of takes had by Buffalo Bills fans after each pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. From choosing a new team to root for to hailing Brandon Beane as a hero, the takes had a wide range.

While there were opinions on every pick, the one player that will have everyone talking for years is Josh Allen. Taken No. 7 overall ahead of Josh Rosen, Beane put his trust in Allen. This caused some fans to lose their minds.

I saw some people on Twitter say that choosing Allen is the last straw and they aren’t rooting for the Bills anymore. So what happens if the Bills go the playoffs? Just giving up because you don’t personally like a pick?

The NFL Draft is and always has been a total crapshoot. You hope to land on half of your picks, and even that mark is optimistic. Even if you absolutely hate the idea of Allen on the Bills, it is ridiculous to declare him a bust already.

I also agree that fans shouldn’t blindly agree with every move the team makes, but there comes a point when it is pointless to get too angry.

If Allen turns out to be successful, you just look foolish. If he turns out to be awful, what is the end goal? You were right about him being bad? No trophies for that last time I checked.

The team could have taken any player at No. 7 and some portion of the fan base would be livid and declaring the season to already be over. It happens every year and will continue to happen as long as the draft and opinions continue to exist.

Maybe I’m just annoyingly optimistic, but I try to stay positive this time of year. The Bills just had their best season in nearly two decades and fans should be hopeful. Allen isn’t expected to come in and start right away, and if he does that means he showed enough to win the job.

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Or it means everyone was so bad he won it by default, in which case I’ll have to get my pessimistic hat on and join the angry masses.