Buffalo Bills have three picks in NFL.com Top 100 rookie projections

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The 2018 draft class is an important one for the Buffalo Bills and three of the team’s picks appear in a projection of the best rookies in 2018.

I wrote something earlier today about how it is far too early to judge any of the players drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what NFL.com’s Chase Goodbread had to say about some rookies.

Goodbread projected his Top 100 rookies in 2018, and the first three picks made by the Bills all made the list. That doesn’t really mean much, but at least the players taken by the team are projected to do well. It beats the alternative.

Goodbread, (I love typing that name), has Tremaine Edmunds ranked No. 12, Josh Allen at No. 34 and Harrison Phillips at No. 51.

As I said, this is nothing to get worked up about. I am just glad to see the Bills take some players who are at least projected to make a positive difference. Allen may not be starting right away, but Edmunds and Phillips figure to be two key pieces on the defense.

As much as an impact as the guys on defense can and hopefully will make, the focus will still remain on Allen. If he isn’t the starter, fans may start to get anxious and demand to know why he was taken at No. 7 overall if he isn’t playing. If he does start and doesn’t do amazing, fans may demand to know why he was taken at No. 7 overall if he isn’t playing well.

It would be nice to get an immediate impact player with the No. 7 overall pick, but things are different when a team is searching for a franchise quarterback. You want to go after a top prospect, but also don’t want to rush him into play before he is ready.

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That is different with defensive players, which is why fans may be hearing Edmunds’ name heard much more than his first-round counterpart in 2018. But all that matters is what happens over the next few years, so we will try to remain patient.