Buffalo Bills: Grades after the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft

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The Buffalo Bills traded up twice to grab two physically gifted talents in Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. Did they give up too much?

Day 1 of the NFL Draft did not disappoint. The event was full of trades and shocking selections. Baker Mayfield going No. 1 overall and Ryan Shazier walking the stage will be featured as the best images of the night.

The Buffalo Bills, holding picks 12 and 22, were in line to add two difference makers to the roster. Let’s look at the moves that were made.

Trade- Bills receive No. 7 and 255 / Buccaneers receive No. 12, 53 and 56

First Selection: (QB) Josh Allen, Wyoming

For Bills fans, it was an interesting night depending on how you feel about the quarterback position. They opted to go with the polarizing talent of Josh Allen. He is a big bodied guy with a cannon for an arm. They gave up both of their second-round picks to move up to grab him.

Analysis: The 2018 NFL Draft has about 75 players that could be day one starters. The Bills have a roster with a ton of holes still needing to be filled. Trading those assets to grab a “project” quarterback demonstrated an interesting strategy. (Cough* Tanking Cough*)

I am not a fan of the move for several reasons. Arm strength and height are two of the most overrated attributes when scouting a quarterback. Successful NFL quarterbacks are successful because of accuracy, decision making and anticipation. During his time at Wyoming, Allen showed inconsistent accuracy, a lapse in decision making and almost zero anticipation. Recipe for disaster.

Also, Josh Rosen (my #1 QB), was still on the board at pick No. 7. He was the purest passer in the draft and is way ahead of Allen in those key factors listed above. Allen may have more “upside,” but Rosen will be a stud for many years.

Upside is great and all, but after 20 years, I want a quarterback that shows he can play quarterback right now.

Grade: F-

If Allen sits he could grow to be a good quarterback, but I have a feeling he will be forced into the fire earlier than you’d like. Taking a project quarterback at pick No. 7 is hard to swallow. Call me a hater, but come back to me when Rosen crushes it in Arizona.

Trade- Bills receive No. 16 / Ravens receive No. 22, 65, 154

Second Selection: (LB) Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech

The Bills move up again and grab a genetic freak in Tremaine Edmunds. Trading their third and fifth-round picks to grab arguably the best linebacker in the class was a great value for the Bills.

Analysis: If you watched the NFL Network coverage, they highlighted the fact that he is still only 19 years old. He already has a huge frame and the speed needed to succeed at the next level. Ranked as my 11th best prospect in the class, the value is there at No. 16.

He will slide in as a day one starter and be the face of the Buffalo defense under Sean McDermott. Many will say he will be Buffalo’s version of Luke Kuechly, but that won’t be the case.

He is too athletic to be placed in the middle. I think he is best suited at the strong side, so he can blitz and cover tight ends and running backs.

Grade: A

Tremaine Edmunds will be a force for many years. If he can remain healthy I have no doubt that he will become one of the best linebackers in the NFL. Getting him at No. 16 was a steal and will help me get over the sickness caused by the Allen deal.

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Overall Draft Grade: D