2018 NFL Mock Draft: The final one before the draft gets underway

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53. . Defensive End. North Carolina State. Bradley Chubb. 4. player

Pairing Chubb and Myles Garrett together would create one of the most imposing pass rushing duos in the NFL. By grabbing their franchise quarterback with the first pick in the draft, the Browns have the freedom to take the best player available in the draft and that is exactly what they do here.

Chubb can be a difference maker from day one and help develop the Browns into a team with a dominant pass rush and a solid run defense. Checking off two of the most important positions on the field can begin to turn the Browns’ fortunes around. (Stephen)

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player. 32. <strong>Arizona Receives:</strong> No. 5 overall. <p><strong>Denver Receives</strong>: No. 15, 47, 152 and 2019 1st Round pick.</p>. Quarterback. USC. Sam Darnold. 5

Arizona is in the market for a quarterback. They will only trade up if Darnold or Allen are on the board. They give up a lot in this move, but they understand the importance of a franchise guy.

Darnold will surely get playing time during his rookie year because Sam Bradford is the starter. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than Bradford starting 16 games.

He will learn from Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson. Him and Johnson will create a dynamic backfield that will be fun to watch down the road. (Justin)

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46. . Guard. Notre Dame. Quenton Nelson. 6. player

I believe that picks 5-9 can be where a team (looking at you Buffalo) can trade up and get a quarterback. The closer we get, the more it appears that two of the top four quarterbacks will last until five and open up a really crazy time in the draft.

With the Cardinals trading up to take a quarterback, I could definitely see the Bills trading up here to take one. However, I think they continue to wait. No matter who calls to move up, the Bills can trump them with the amount of capital they have.

As for the Colts pick, they need help practically everywhere. I could easily see them moving back, but staying here and taking Nelson is a home run. Andrew Luck is set to return from injury and protecting him should be the number one priority. Nelson is an elite guard talent and will step in and start for the next 15 years. He will be Luck’s best friend and a great player for the Colts. (Stephen)

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