Buffalo Bills: Where does Nathan Peterman stand in the 2018 plans?

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The Buffalo Bills brought in a veteran quarterback and are likely targeting a rookie in the 2018 NFL Draft. What does that mean for Nathan Peterman?

With the new acquisition of AJ McCarron and the Buffalo Bills currently slated to select No. 12 overall, attention has now shifted to the Bills over where Nathan Peterman sits on the depth chart.

Peterman was less than stellar last season as he coughed up the ball a total of five times. All of these just so happened to occur during the first half of Week 11 against the Chargers. With his disappointing performance last season, the Bills have will have to make a tough decision regarding his future with the team.

For the foreseeable future, AJ McCarron will be under center pending the selection the Bills make in the draft. With prospects such as Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson slotted to go lower in the draft, the Bills may be able to secure one of them at No. 12.

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This raises an interesting talking point regarding if the Bills would package Peterman with the aforementioned No. 12 overall pick to move up in the draft

Peterman balled out during his time at Pitt where he scored 47 touchdowns in two years. With those numbers, he has shown he can be effective, but his game has not translated well to the NFL.

The Buffalo faithful were less than satisfied with Peterman’s outings last year with most of them calling his interception in the final minute of the game against the Jags. Many fans have been vocal on the basis that Peterman should not even get a chance to start this year.

Within the next coming weeks, the Bills may be looking to move up in the draft.

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If they find themselves successful and are able to get either Mayfield or Jackson, Peterman may find himself without a jersey on game day or on another team.