Buffalo Bills: Determining the differences between Tyrod and McCarron

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With the recent departure of Tyrod Taylor and the signing of AJ McCarron, what is the difference? Did the Buffalo Bills get better by signing AJ?

The Buffalo Bills have been in the national limelight since they traded former Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns. With the absence of a quarterback, the Bills signed free agent and former Cincinnati Bengal backup, AJ McCarron.

A lot of speculation now surrounds McCarron’s role with the team, pending whether the Bills can select their franchise quarterback in the upcoming 2018 draft. The question of “what’s the difference?” has been discussed in the loom of this roster altering transaction.

With Taylor, the Bills did their best to mimic the RPO (run, pass, option) offense that ultimately earned the Philadelphia Eagles their triumphant win over the New England Patriots. During Taylor’s time as a Bill, he brought the playoff dreams back to the good people of Buffalo, but ultimately came up short to the Jaguars.

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Tyrod made a name for himself in Buffalo which ultimately was noted by the Browns. Cleveland looks to correct what seems to be a generation of losing. The addition of Taylor can potentially correct it.

With the quarterback position left only to Nathan Peterman, the Buffalo Bills have brought on AJ McCarron.

The 3x national champion with the Alabama Crimson Tide will look to prove that he is not just a bridge quarterback.

McCarron brings a different approach to the QB position than his counterpart in Taylor. McCarron is your typical “Bama Back” as he possesses laser-like accuracy.

His ability to throw the ball to a running receiver mid-route is an excellent trait. Players such as Kelvin Benjamin and Charles Clay can really benefit from this.

McCarron is his best when he is under pressure. The Bills O-line has suffered holes with the retirement of Eric Wood and the departure of Cordy Glenn. Because of this, McCarron may get a lot of that this season, but he is up for the challenge.

Though McCarron may not be the next Jim Kelly, he will provide a rejuvenation to the quarterback position. McCarron will fit in quite well with Buffalo as he rocked the podium after arriving in Buffalo.

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The upcoming season will allows Bills fans to see if this signing was one to remember or another one to forget.