Buffalo Bills: Tyrod Taylor traded to the Cleveland Browns

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The Buffalo Bills pulled the trigger and traded Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland. This assures that the Bills will be looking for a new starter.

Tyrod Taylor has been traded the Cleveland Browns for the 65th overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Buffalo Bills fans should not be surprised by the move, as this split has been teased since Sean McDermott decided to bench him in favor of Nathan Peterman against the Chargers. McDermott gave Peterman a half to prove his worth and put on a legendary performance (6-14, 66 yards, five interceptions).

Back to the trade.

The most shocking part of all of this is the compensation. Analysts thought the Bills could receive a late-round draft pick at most. I wrote an article earlier this week proclaiming that as well. According to Vic Carucci, the market for Taylor’s services was a sizable one.

The Cleveland Browns may think they got a steal in Taylor.

I’m sure Cleveland sees Tyrod as a potential starter/bridge quarterback for them as they continue to groom a young quarterback. This move should not rule out Cleveland taking one in the draft. Taylor’s presence will allow the rookie quarterback to learn by watching from the sideline.

As a Bills fan, how could you not be happy with this? Taylor was never going to be the long-term answer, and everyone knew it. Instead of cutting him, the Bills decided to roll dice on the trade market.

It makes you wonder if Cleveland got a little wild on this one. Cleveland was feeling good after acquiring Jarvis Landry from the Dolphins for two picks (2018 4th round and 2019 7th round).

By receiving the first pick in the third round, essentially a second-round pick, Buffalo has an abundance of draft ammo. That ammo could be used to fill the holes in the roster or you know……


This transaction gives the Bills the 21st, 22nd, 53rd, 56th, 65th, 96th, 121st,158th and 166th pick in the 2018 draft. Tyrod’s departure leaves a huge void in the depth chart that will be filled by a free agent or a rookie.

Nathan Peterman will get a chance to compete, but the competition will be stiff. I believe the Bills will look to bring in multiple quarterbacks this offseason to ensure they are filling that void.

My QB Prediction:

Bills sign Teddy Bridgewater (two-years, $22 million)

Bills trade 21st, 22nd, 53rd, 121st for 4th overall to get Josh Rosen

Tyrod Taylor was always a great teammate and rarely distracted the team. He was hampered by a poor surrounding cast and bad play-calling. He should do well in Cleveland and turn his career around.

He helped break the curse, so Bills fans should cheer for the guy.

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Bills fans get ready, this offseason has just begun.