Buffalo Bills: Buffalo is a great landing spot for free agents in 2018

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Buffalo Bills are back on the right track after returning to the postseason and should be considered a top landing spot for free agents in 2018.

The Buffalo Bills haven’t stood out as a hotspot for free agents the past few decades, but a playoff berth can do magical things for a city and a franchise.

A recent NFL.com article by Adam Schein listed the nine most desirable free agent destinations in 2018, and Buffalo was not included.

That won’t surprise NFL fans around the country, but fans here in Buffalo may be a bit miffed. It wouldn’t be Buffalo without a little bit of disrespect.

The main issue with the Bills is the fact the team possesses just under $30 million in cap space this offseason, according to Over the Cap. That is plenty of money, but not enough to lure someone like Kirk Cousins or any other top player who would take up half or even more of the remaining cap space.

But unlike a team like the Cleveland Browns or Chicago Bears, two teams listed in Schein’s list, the Bills have more than hypothetical potential to pitch to free agents.

A key point to a great pitch would be having a franchise quarterback in place, especially to veteran players who may be a bit overlooked and want to prove themselves on a team fresh off a postseason visit.

That situation may not be resolved until after the draft, unless the Bills decide to go the free agent quarterback route. A lot still has to be decided, but Buffalo should be considered a top place for free agents to land. Players want to win and the culture in Buffalo has changed.

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It may even be a good thing that the team is still flying under-the-radar. Let players be surprised when they come to visit and hopefully they’ll never want to leave.