Buffalo Bills: The idea of moving on from Tyrod Taylor

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A recent ESPN.com article detailed players who may need a change of scenery in 2018, and it is easy to guess the player from the Buffalo Bills.

Tyrod Taylor is a hot topic of conversation for Buffalo Bills fans for the second offseason in a row.

The quarterback took the team to the postseason but that seems to mean nothing when it comes to finding a starting quarterback for 2018.

All the talk of change at the position has to take a toll on Taylor, although making millions should help ease the stress levels.

His name came up recently in an ESPN.com article detailing players from all 32 NFL teams that need a change of scenery. The quarterback was the obvious choice from the Bills.

From the article, with the Bills entry being written by ESPN’s Mike Rodak:

"However, coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane have made little commitment to Taylor since they were hired last year, and McDermott’s decision to bench Taylor in mid-November spoke volumes about how much long-term faith the Bills have in Taylor. Expect the Bills to find a quarterback they like in the draft and gamble that said pick will eventually be better than Taylor."

The November benching of Taylor, when the Bills had a winning record, stands out as a key sign that he was not, and still isn’t the long-term option for this team. I’m not sure if a postseason win would have even earned him any job security.

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There are Bills fans who think he is good enough and others who think a replacement is needed right away. I think the latter group needs to realize just how difficult it is to find competent quarterback play. It is fair to say the team needs improvement, but cutting Taylor and relying on a rookie or Nathan Peterman may lead to regression in 2018.

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Taylor will certainly receive a job right away if he is let go, and Bills fans should be fine with that as long as the team finds an answer at the position as well. It is easy to want bigger and better things, but sometimes it is important to not try to fix something that isn’t broken.