Buffalo Bills: A good stat to advertise to free agent quarterbacks

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The Buffalo Bills had one of the best offensive lines in football a year ago, and that should help to potentially lure a free agent quarterback to Buffalo.

The 2018 quarterback options remain plentiful for the Buffalo Bills, and one option that is popular among fans is to pursue someone in free agency.

The likes of Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, AJ McCarron, and Kirk Cousins will have fans talking until free agency begins.

And one stat is particular from Pro Football Focus could be a selling point for any of the free agents.

No quarterback wants to get hit and the numbers in that tweet show just how safe Tyrod Taylor, and Nathan Peterman for his infamous stint, were in the pocket in 2017. Add a guy like Cousins into the mix and the Bills may be hosting a playoff game in the near future.

The only difference in 2018 will be the absence of Eric Wood after his retirement due to injury. That puts center at the top of the priority list this offseason, along with quarterback. Perhaps a new dynamic duo can be brought in to make this offense even better.

The 9-7 record and playoff berth last year are two great starting points in any meeting with a free agent quarterback. Add in the play of the line and someone like Cousins may be intrigued if his other main offer is from a team like the Cleveland Browns, who would be pitching him solely on potential.

This applies to all the free agents as well, as Cousins may be too far out of the team’s price range in this insane market.

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These sales pitches remain hypothetical as long as Taylor remains on the roster, but it is good to see that the Bills are in a position to lure some real talent once again.