BLD Podcast: Who’s the next Bills starting QB?

JACKSONVILLE, FL - JANUARY 07: Outside linebacker Myles Jack
JACKSONVILLE, FL - JANUARY 07: Outside linebacker Myles Jack /

CLICK HERE to listen to this week’s Buffalowdown podcast. In the 3rd year of Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, I think it’s safe to say that by seasons end, moving on from the former VT product wouldn’t be a bad thing. In 2015 he looked decent. I didn’t see much improvement in 2016. In 2017, Tyrod looked the same as he did the 2 previous years. So if Tyrod isn’t the answer at QB, who is the next quarterback off the Buffalo Bills?

There’s a variety of different ways the Buffalo Bills could address the quarterback position this off season. Step one could be trading for or signing a veteran Quarterback. With Alex Smith being traded to the Washington Redskins (effective at the start of the 2018 fiscal year) some possible names for the next starting Bills QB include Kurt Cousins, Sam Bradford, and Case Kenum.

If the Bills hope to draft a rookie who could start day one; names that come to mind our Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, and Josh Allen. The Bills have first round picks at 22 and 23. So, they could get one of these marquee named quarterbacks. However, they would need to likely trade both picks, along with adding some other assets into the equation.  They may have to give up a lot to get the next Bills starter, but they’ve stock piled enough picks that they can afford to do so.

The third, and unlikely final option, is to stick with what they have: Tyrod Taylor or 2nd year QB Nathan Peterman. As previously addressed, Tyrod is likely not the long term answer for this franchise. As for Peterman? There’s a lot of growth needed for Nathan to become a starter in this league. If he’s going to be a starter, I don’t see it happening next season.

Fortunately on this week’s podcast we’re set to bring you some first hand insight into the future of the Buffalo Bills next starting quarterback. Alex Jones was at the senior bowl in Mobile Alabama. Interviews and a first hand account of what he saw are just some of the highlights for this week’s podcast.

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