Buffalo Bills: See Which Former Players Will Be In Super Bowl LII

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Frank Reich

Well here is a blast from the past for Buffalo Bills fans. If you’re a new fan to the Bills you might be asking yourself who this is. If you’ve been with the Bills a bit longer, the name Frank Reich brings a bit of a smile to your face.

Back in the day the Bills played in this one playoff game in which the found themselves trailing the then Houston Oilers 35-3. Reich is the guy that helped orchestrate the greatest comeback in playoff history (sorry Brady, 35-3 is still better than 28-3) and helped led the Bills to victory on that day.

Currently, Reich is the offensive coordinator for the Eagles. However, I use that term lightly seeing as how he doesn’t manage the play-calling duties for the team. That being said, he does have a lot of say in the offense and he has done a lot of work with Nick Foles over the past few weeks. Reich might have never won a Super Bowl with the Bills, but he will be looking to help Foles and company win one over the Patriots in a couple of weeks.