Buffalo Bills: Top PFF grades from BUF vs IND


Pro Football Focus has released their player grades and game analysis after the Buffalo Bills edged out the Indianapolis Colts 13-7.

It is a tough job deciphering which Buffalo Bills’ players played well in their game against the Indianapolis Colts. Pro Football Focus does a good job of figuring that out with their individual player grades for every game.

The top grade Buffalo Bills player? Running back, LeSean McCoy. The offensive play-maker received an 88.9 game grade for his play Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Here is Pro Football Focus‘ write-up for LeSean McCoy

"“McCoy took over the game towards the end of the second quarter and became a one-man offense for the Bills against the Colts. His offensive line struggled to move defenders around in the snow as he averaged just 0.56 yards before contact."

"However, McCoy averaged 4.31 yards after contact and broke eight tackles on his 32 carries, including one forced missed tackle on his game-winning touchdown in overtime.”"

The Buffalo Bills game on Sunday was one to remember. It was the first game in snow for some of these players, and it wasn’t a light dusting at that. Multiple feet of snow piled up over the course of the game which caused both teams to throw their gameplans out the window. Players were slipping all over the place. Buffalo lost Nathan Peterman to a likely concussion in a play where he was attempting to scramble for the first down.

Here are the top five Buffalo Bills’ game grades:

RB LeSean McCoy, 88.9 overall grade

LB Preston Brown, 83.4 overall grade

S Jordan Poyer, 82.4 overall grade

LB Matt Milano, 81.2 overall grade

S Micah Hyde, 80.4 overall grade

The defense had quite the day on Sunday with four of the top five grades on the team coming from the defensive side of the football.

Here is Pro Football Focus‘ write-up for Jordan Poyer and his 82.4 game grade:

"“Poyer is enjoying a career year in Buffalo, and that continued with another solid performance today."

"Obviously with the snow making life difficult for the opposing offense, not much was asked of him in coverage, but he still made an impact there and against the run, with all three of his tackles resulting in a defensive stop.”"

It will be interesting to see how the team handles the quarterback situation moving forward with the loss of Nathan Peterman and Tyrod Taylor on the mend.

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