Buffalo Bills fans should buckle up, enjoy the ride

(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /
Buffalo Bills fans
Buffalo Bills fans /

Buckle up Buffalo Bills fans, their playoff chances are still alive so try and enjoy the ride.

It’s almost December and once again we can say the Buffalo Bills are “in the hunt”. Yes, that may be an ongoing joke now with Bills fans because we’ve seen that graphic, or heard that phrase, so many times before only to be disappointed time and time again.

We got our hopes up mapping out potential playoff paths for the Bills with the simulators on the internet. We monitored several other teams games on Sunday’s to see if we could gain ground. We checked our updated playoff chances at the conclusion of each week hoping for a ray of playoff light.

The problem is, in the past, despite how hard we as fans searched for a path to the playoffs, it hasn’t come to fruition for 17 years. It’s easy to get discouraged and mock the “in the hunt” graphics but isn’t that better than not being in the hunt?

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Part of the fun of being a fan is being in the mix and having the drama play out until the very last minute of the season. As long as the Bills stay “in the hunt” we can continue to enjoy watching that “process” unfold. Anything is possible over the last five games including a push for the playoffs or a complete implosion.

The joy of being a fan is that we get to watch and see what this team is made of. Based on the next five games, we’ll form opinions on whether we like our new coach Sean McDermott. If things go south, we’ll start to speculate about the draft and whether we should “trust the process”. If we start to do well, we will beg for even more process. We’ll pinch ourselves and say, “Is this the year? Could this possibly be the year?”

So yes, it’s frustrating to be “in the hunt” again for what seems like the millionth year in a row but it’s better than being in the Giants situation and starting Geno Smith because you’re already eliminated from the playoffs.

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So try not to be bitter about the Bills being in the hunt again. Let’s enjoy our Sunday’s while watching our beloved Bills. As the great Marv Levy said, “Where else would you rather be than, right here, right now?”. I know Marv wasn’t talking about being in the hunt when he used that quote, but I am.